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And the winner is ...



We don't have 100 percent of the vote counted in Arkansas, but to end the suspense, I'm going to declare a winner in the Arkansas Blog contest to guess the outcome of the Democratic presidential primary in Arkansas.

According to AP, with 2,299 of 2,480 precincts counted, the vote split 69-27-2 for Clinton, Obama and Edwards (who was in the race when the contest was launched.)

We had two entries among 50 that missed those numbers by a combined 10 points:

Zelda predicted 65 (4 off); 32 (5 off), and 3 (1 off).

Hank Rearden predicted 63 (6 off); 30 (3 off), and 3 (1 off).

By the power vested in me, I declare Zelda the winner for coming closest to the winning candidate's vote.

Zelda, you had said you'd donate the $50 to a favorite charity. Let me know if that still holds, or else send me a mailing address so I can send you the cash. If you choose not to accept the money, I'll be sending it to the campaign to defeat the proposal to prohibit adoption and foster parenting by unmarried couples.

For the record: I had predicted 52-35-7.

Thanks to everyone.


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