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It's downhill from here UPDATE




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Mike Huckabee won the West Virginia caucus today, thanks to help from John McCain, who owes Huckabee for the damage he's done to Mitt Romney. Otherwise, such national media as are in town today for Super Tuesday seem to be here for the Huckabee death watch. If McCain wins Alabama and Georgia is it all over? Save, of course, a paid traveling circus position in the McCain campaign for Clan Huckabee? They could be the Gauthier Family of the political circuit.

UPDATE: After voting and cracking wise with voters at St. Anne's Parish in North Little Rock this afternoon (above), Huckabee denied that he had any sort of deal with McCain in West Virginia -- despite reports that McCain was actively involved in the delegate shift that gave Huckabee a victory. Could be true...McCain may simply have run the maneuver without involving Huck, as Romney is McCain's biggest worry right now.

Otherwise Huckabee sounds like he's in the race to stay, no matter what the outcome tonight. He denied being a spoiler candidate to sink Romney (whom he clearly disdains, by the way) and he said the race isn't over until the majority of the delegates are locked up.  He plans to continue the crusade on Thursday in Kansas.

Maybe he's playing optimistic for the cameras? We'll see tonight after the tallies are in. He'll be at the Clear Channel Metroplex for a watch party. No easier place to drop out than at home...

Video from the appearance is in our player below the blog.

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