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Voted yet? I have at the ready the 50 predictions entered in our contest on the breakdown of the Arkansas Democratic primary vote.But I probably will wait until Wednesday to declare a winner. Just about everyone predicted a Clinton win, generally in the lower 50s.

PREDICTION: Brummett seems to set 60 percent (link fixed) as a measure of Hillary's success in Arkansas. He expects less of Huckabee, percentagewise, than of a woman who hasn't lived here in 15 years.

POLLS: Talking Points Memo is the best stop for poll junkies. There are bright spots for both Obama and Clinton on the Democratic side. On the Republican side, polls indicate a surging McCain might be able to deny Mike Huckabee even some Deep South wins.

VOTING: By 8:15 a.m. this morning, I was Democratic voter 125 at Pulaski Heights Presbyterian, against about 15 Republicans. A lottery petition was being circulated outside, but no one with the gay haters' proposal. There was a "Decline to Sign" sign urging people NOT to sign that piece of work should it appear, a welcome indication of an organization hard at work against this anti-family legislation.

ELECTION DAY READING: The journal Religion in the News carries an article examining how Mike Huckabee's blend of Missionary Baptist and Southern Baptist upbringing could explain his politics. The author, William Lindsey, formerly taught at Philander Smith College. It's as much about Arkansas folkways as it is about Huckabee.

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