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A historic night?



Here's a write-through on some exit poll data that's been sent my direction. I can't vouch for its reliability, though it's from a source I trust.

The news, if these numbers are true, is very bad for Hillary Clinton and very good for Barack Obama.

In summary:

Clinton leads in Arkansas (70-30), California (+3), New York (+13), Oklahoma (+30) and Tennessee (+11)

Obama leads in Alabama (+23), Arizona (+6), Connecticut (+8), Delaware (+14), Georgia (+49), Illinois (+40), Massachusetts (+2), Missouri (+4), New Jersey (+6).

UPDATE: The good news for Hillary was that the exit poll numbers were wrong in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Arizona. Big difference.

If these numbers turn out to be true, history will be made tonight, in that card suit that I'll not mention in this context. But, yes, it will be a ringing declaration that Obama is a crossover candidate.

The other news tonight is that Mike Huckabee's church revival tour appears to have produced results in Alabama and Tennesse and Georgia. If he carries these states, he's still a long-shot for the nomination, but he's certainly a player. Pundits on TV say he might be able to dictate a spot on the ticket.

Speaking of Arkansas: I'm told at least one polling place, the Train Station, ran out of ballots. Folks are quite enthusiastic about the primary, even though it looks like the majority of Arkansas voters may be on the short end of the night's summary outcome.

So far, the exit polls are on in states that have been called: Georgia and Illinois to Obama; Oklahoma to Clinton.

I'm going to be on KARN Radio tonight. Let this be your election open line. I may add some things later. And John Williams might drop by the Huckabee party tonight -- it may be more festive than I originally thought.

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