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Mystery deepens



No news today on John Glasgow,  the missing financial officer of CDI, the Dillard/Clark construction company combine. Friends and associates are  mystified. He's been missing since heading off to work early one morning last week. Well-placed sources insist there's no evidence of corporate misdeeds -- and checks have been made -- that could explain a sudden disappearance of a top financial officer.

There's been no physical trace of the missing man on a mountaintop, Petit Jean, where his car and cell phone were found, despite an extensive search. And, he's reportedly a heavy smoker, which would suggest the possibility of some physical clues under normal circumstances.

Now comes tonight this note from a long-time Ark.  Blog poster, widj, on an old thread: over the weekend:

I post this with some misgivings.  This evening I listened to the last voicemail Mr Glasgow left a long-time, close friend of his--and to which the police, as far as I know, are privy.

To me he sounded like a man under stress, but with an uncanny--even if characteristic--calm, and with confidence about the outcome for everyone concerned.  I can't say I felt encouraged by the last word:  "Anyway ... [*click*]".

I trust we will find out all, eventually.

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