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They don't call him/her The Iconoclast for nothing. On the recent speedy selection of Vice Chancellor David Gearhart to succeed John White at UAF:

David Gearhart might be wonderful, and both The Morning News and the Northwest Arkansas Times have given their editorial blessings to his anointment. Yet, the process by which B. Alan Sugg alone chose Gearhart was terribly flawed. The position was not advertised, there was no national search, and the faculty and students were not involved other than as inert props when Sugg declared his decision. So much for the UA's false claim of being committed to diversity and affirmative action, betrayed when White Boy Sugg tagged White Boy Gearhart.

The University of Arkansas has never had a woman president or chancellor in the 137 years since it was founded, and there has never been more than one token woman on the 10-member Board of Trustees. More than 120 women are currently serving as president of a leading college or university in the United States, so it is not like women cannot do the job.

Put a woman in charge of the state's football franchise? Surely The Iconoclast jests.



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