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Obama: Gone viral



You don't think the web matters? Think on it some more.

And, below, think about Michelle Obama's unwillingness to say she'd support Clinton if she wins the nomination. (ELABORATION: The verbatim question was "work to support" Clinton, a distinction without a difference in my view, but angry Obamaists who can parse with the best of them insist otherwise. The Obamaists also note she provided some additional ameliorating verbal cover, according to a transcript of the nterview and also in a clip now posted that is longer than the original I picked up on Wonkette, but none of the comments signified an answer in the personal affirmative to the original question). Nice gal.

(Addendum: Talking Points Memo, which has been very favorable to Obama -- particularly today in coverage of poll numbers -- comments on the "decidedly mixed signals" in Mrs. Obama's interview. He's at least one Obamaist who doesn't insist on the B.O.-is-next-to-godliness script for the candidate and wife. And let me state again, unequivocally: I will support Obama if he is the nominee. Whatever his tone might be.)

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