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NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT IS: Mike Huckabee complained on the MTV forum that he always gets the "God questions." Wouldn't you know that one of his last big appearances in the runup to Super Tuesday was at an Alabama church school where his people waved "Us Against Them" signs. Who's "them"? Huckabee professee to be clueless. But check the jump for a letter to the editor I received today to give you a taste of what the Huckabee faithful might think.

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY: LA Times notes attention devoted by both Huckabee and Hillary Clinton to Arkansas. The mayor of NLR is quoted:

"We just like talking up our friend Hillary," said Patrick Henry Hays, a veteran Traveler who also is the mayor of North Little Rock. "Look, I like Mike Huckabee too. He and his wife, Janet, are my constituents. That's the great thing about Arkansas. We've got two national candidates, and, to us, they're just folks."

WHERE'S THE LOVE? Bill Clinton is quoted in Missouri as saying the presidential race is down to four people. Does that mean he no longer counts the most recent man from Hope in that number? Huckabee says he ain't quitting, regardless.

NONETHELESS, HE'S IMPORTANT. Brummett explains why Huckabee has and will be so important to a winning drive for the nomination by John McCain. He thinks, however, that he might have pigeon-holed himself too far to the Religious Right to take the No. 2 spot on the ticket.


When we few, we courageous Band of Brothers and Sisters, rest in victory on the summit with Mike Huckabee as our President, we will have time to wipe the sweat from the impossible odds overcome, cleanse the blood from the slings and arrows of our own Party and realize that our empty pockets enabled us to make the final surge to where we now stand.

And then the throngs will come and scream how much they love Mike. But they will have crisp, dry clothes without sweat stains and no blood on their boots. They will be fresh and enthusiastic and when we ask them where they were during the onslaught when South Carolina and Florida were within reach, they will drop their eyes and mumble,"We didn't think you could really do it. We love you Mike, it's just that we felt you we re not electable."

I say cry Havoc and loose the Resurrection Power of Christ. Let every Believer start voting his conscience and heart and exercise some Faith instead of doubt. We are at WAR for the future of our nation and there is no time for hesitation, there is no time for halfhearted attempts. RALLY, RALLY, Fight the good fight! Strike while the iron is hot!! I would rather fail with the taste of my own  blood in my mouth than live a comfortable life tasting the bile rise in my throat as I watch my Country slide into indolence and decay because those who had the power to do something failed to answer the CALL. 

Rick Moss

Boca Raton, Fl.

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