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Heckuva job, judge



The outrageous case of thieving Wal-Mart exec Tom Coughlin was well-discussed yesterday. But I'm aroused anew by the valedictory from federal Judge Robert Dawson, who again gave home detention, not a single day behind bars, for stealing a half-million dollars.

"Mr. Coughlin, I wish you the very best. You've been through quite an event," Dawson said.

See, when poor people get caught, say, writing hot checks and go to prison, they and their families don't feel the pain that rich people do. Because their lives simply aren't worth as much, on account of the nobility of money and all. Stunning. Message: do your white-collar thieving in the western district and hope you draw Judge Dawson. Of course, there remains the question of how rich is rich enough to qualify for his grace.

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