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Hillary v. Obama: Commercial appeals


Arkansans can look forward to an feast of advertising this weekend. We'll have this sort of thing on Sunday, of course. Now comes word that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have bought local ad time and will start broadcasting today. Obama's spot hits on his big national agenda points; Clinton's is a direct personal appeal to Arkansas voters and invokes her past in the state.

Transcripts of the commercials are after the jump.

Mike Huckabee is also said to have an ad playing in the state. I'm not much of a TV watcher. Has anybody out there seen ads for other candidates?

I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

I’ll be a president who finally makes health care available to every single American by bringing Democrats and Republicans together.

I’ll be a president who ends the tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas, and put a middle class tax cut into the pockets of working Americans.

And I’ll be a president who ends this war in Iraq and finally brings our troops home.

We are one nation, and our time for change has come.


Over 30 years ago I came to Arkansas, Bill and I married, and I became Chelsea's mom here, too.

You taught me so much and we worked together to expand health care and improve education.

I've tried to use those lessons every day in the White House and in the Senate to solve people's problems.

Now I need your help.

Because we have big things to do for America.

I won't just be bringing my years of experience back to the White House.

I'll be bringing your voice with me.

I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

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