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EXPECTATIONS GAME: He says he'd be happy with a "close fourth" in today's Florida primary.

FOREVER YOUNG: Hillary and Huck have agreed to participate in Saturday's MTV/cell hone/MySpace event for, presumably, younger voters. Text him. It will be broadcast on many news websites.

TAX ME MORE: One of Mike Huckabee's hoariest -- some might say whoriest -- gimmicks popped up in his reaction to Bush's State of the Union:

And I applaud the President's determination to prune back Congressional earmarks--I have long believed that we need more transparency on spending. Moreover, I agree that we must hold the line on taxes, and we must make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Furthermore, I wholeheartedly agree that those who believe that we are paying too little in taxes may contribute to the federal Treasury. This reminds me of the 'Tax Me More' fund I created in Arkansas during my tenure as governor.

GOD TUBE: You've heard of YouTube. But what about GodTube, a video web channel to reach the church crowd. Mike Huckabee is all over it.

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