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More work for Huck's lawyer



A usually reliable source says rabblerouser Jim Parsons has filed a complaint with the state Ethics Commission on the Democrat-Gazette's recent discovery that Mike Huckabee and the state Department of Finance and Administration had connived on a secret fund to raise money for special purposes, such as the Huck's official portrait. Most believe contributors to that fund should have been reported. They weren't.

If we had an ethics law worth the name, it wouldn't require a signed complaint from the public for the public ethics agency to look into such clear-cut issues when they are reported in newspapers.

UPDATE: Parsons faxed me a copy of his complaint, which alleges Huckabee has violated Act 239 of 2001 that requires quarterly reports on the names of people who have donated gifts. "The complainant requests that the Arkansas Ethics Commission bring justice to this complaint."


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