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Sen. Hillary Clinton will drop into North Little Rock Wednesday for a town hall meeting on "Solutions for the American Economy."

Time: 10:30 a.m. Wednesday

Place: North Little Rock High School, West Campus, 101 W. 22d

hillaryclinton.com will have a link at which you can sign up for a reserved seat. Or call 244-0200. Otherwise, space available, the public will be admitted.

The Clinton campaign also announced today it had established teams of "rapid responders" in every state to answer any misinformation that might be spread about the candidate in Super Tuesday states. In Arkansas, the responders: Sen. Tracey Steele and Democratic National Committee member Don Beavers.

PS -- A week ago, in posting a contest for the outcome of the Arkansas Democratic primary, I mentioned the mock political convention held at my alma mater, Washington and Lee. I forgot to check over the weekend. Politico reports that they gave the nomination to Hillary Clinton, on the strength of predicted outcomes in Super Tuesday states. This vote was before Obama's huge win in South Carolina, however.

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