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The morning Huck


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NETWORKING: Mike Huckabee campaigned in Birminghan yesterday, on the campus of Samford University, a Baptist school headed by Huckabee friend and former OBU president Andrew Westmoreland. He had "adoring crowds." Huck appointed Mrs. Westmoreland to the state  Board of Education. Dr. Westmoreland made the arrangements for a job to greet Huckabee on leaving the governor's office, a job delayed by the campaigning and, so far, lack of money to fund the envisioned institute. Notable, at yesterday's speech Huck has one from claiming his family -- solidly Hope middle class -- only used Lava soap to claiming they made their own lye soap.when Hucka was growing up in the 1960s. Count me dubious. He also seemed to mention corporal punishment of children approvingly. Sigh.


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