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A Paris review



Beth Arnold, a former Arkie now living in Paris, writes on the Huffington Post that she once was a Clintonite, but is no more. She's for Obama.

What's new or transformative about an opportunistic politician? Where is the essence of change that Hillary and Bill now claim she will bring? It pains me to say it -- and for a time I felt a little guilty as a woman -- but I can't be a Hillary supporter anymore. The Clintons have become the Old Guard, like so many others whose machine is well-oiled and indiscriminately attempting to crush anyone or anything that gets in their path. Apparently, Hillary will compromise herself every single day to get elected. Apparently, Bill's sortie into her battle is becoming Hillary's Trojan horse.

When the Clintons went to Washington they were the New Wave, but that was a decade and a half ago. Now they are afraid of Barack Obama for being the 2008 breath of fresh air. The Clintons are promoting the idea that Bill is again running for president -- or that he will be co-president with her. But understand this: Bill Clinton is not running for president. He's done. And has gone from elder statesman to embarrassing himself as a desperate political hack.

Beth is married to James Morgan, also a writer and, in years past, a frequent contributor to the Arkansas Times. He ghosted Webb Hubbell's book about his fall from grace, "Friends in High Places," (Hubbell was a law partner of Hillary's, if you don't remember) and collaborated with Bill Clinton's mother, Virginia Kelley, on her biography, "Leading With My Heart."

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