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More of yesterday's news



As I mentioned in the previous post, I am catching up after 24 hours off-line because of a crashed server. Here's more of items I'd rounded up Wednesday, which seems like an eternity ago.

BROKEN NEWS: The D-G put out a breaking news alert Wednesday afternoon that UA Prez Alan Sugg would be recommending Vice Chancellor David Gearhart to succeed John White as chancellor at UA-Fayetteville. I believe we suggested he’d be the pick within hours after White announced his plans to step down.   LYING ITS WAY TO WAR: Studies conclude the Bush administration lied hundreds of times in the runup to war in Iraq. Dog bites man.   BEAT A CHILD TODAY: A majority of European countries have now banned corporal punishment of children. Predictions: In time, this common sense will spread worldwide. Arkansas will be one of the last holdouts. As long as the Arkansas Farm Bureau is around, animals will be afforded equal respect.  
: Gena Lovett, a Little Rock native, Philander Smith College graduate and chief operating officer of a Manhattan hedge fund (pictured at left), has been named the first black president of the New York Junior League. Story here.   WOODPECKER BUST: The NY Times Wednesday reviews the three years of fruitless searching for the ivory-billed woodpecker in the Big Woods of eastern Arkansas. No bird, no economic boom.   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: A fellow name of Don Hamrick has sent notice to law enforcement agencies statewide  not to arrest him as he hitchhikes around the state with a bullhorn campaigning as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate.   WAL-MART STYLING: Morning News indicates Wal-Mart could shed or transfer to New York some 200 apparel division jobs in Bentonville. They won’t find low prices every day in Manhattan.   THE PIPES ARE CALLING THIEVES: Thieves looking for copper are still busy. They tore into heating and cooling units at Mabelvale Middle School over the weekend and also stole copper and aluminum parts from units at portable classrooms, the cafeteria, custodial building and field house. Video cameras took photos of the action.   THIEF COLLARED: After a video camera spotted a 1995 Chevy Lumina in the burglary of a tire store, detectives ran a trace on 1995 Chevy Luminas and found one registered to a known burglar. Working from that start, LR police Wednesday announced the arrest of the con as a suspect in 23 commercial burglaries.   ROLLING ON THE RIVER: The LRPD has added Segway scooters to the conveyances – bikes, cars, horses – it uses to patrol the River Market neighborhood. WE GET MAIL: A reader and media critic beholds the Democrat-Gazette story Wednesday on the arrest in the killing of a six-year-old girl and comments:   Did the phrase "deep in South Little Rock" jump out at you when reading Jacob Quinn Sanders' story on the charging on the Banks kid in the murder of Kamiya?

I'm wondering if Sanders needs a pith helmet and a trusty guide for his next journey into the Heart of Darkness....!   WM3: A statement from lawyers for the West Memphis Three is intended to clarify some recent small controversy about fund-raising efforts and to emphasize that they think important progress has been made in establishing their innocence, contrary to what poorly informed Arkansas official apologists might be saying.

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