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HUCKABEE'S WATERLOO: It was South Carolina, Brummett argues, and seems to get at least partial agreement to this thesis about the state's importance from Huckabee supporters Lu Hardin and Gilbert Baker.

MCCAIN'S MOMENT: Like Brummett, David Brooks concludes that events have come together to help John McCain, who could win the whole thing.

ECONOMY CLASS: CBS notes Huckabee's end of a traveling media entourage and puts it down to a cash shortage, a tough factor in the multi-state Super Tuesday competition. He even hints at abandoning a strong race for Florida.

OFFICIAL SECRETS: The Washington Post complains that Huckabee won't reveal his major financial backers. An editorial hints that this could be because they include people paying for those slimy push polling robocalls that the candidate has disavowed.

IS HUCK SKIPPING FLORIDA?: Sounds a little like it.

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