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Merit pay -- UPDATE



The University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform, which is financed by proponents of merit pay and which advocates merit pay, has studied the first couple of years of merit pay experimenting in the Little Rock School District and has concluded it is a success. Teachers love it. Kids in schools with merit pay achieve greater than kids in schools without merit pay.

The report is here. It's 65 pages.

Here's the "final" report, four pages longer with appendix.

A discussion of the work is planned in Little Rock this week. There will be more on the subject.

Jake the Snake: Read and report.

UPDATE: I should have said originally that the report I posted was a "draft," and subject to revisions. A meeting on the report was scheduled today (Tuesday) in Little Rock, but was postponed, tentatively until Feb. 7, on account of icy weather in Northwest Arkansas.

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