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Wimping out



The Little Rock School Board "retreats" today. The West Little Rock school and selection process for a new superintendent are on the agenda. Perhaps, too, John Walker's untenable "settlement" proposal for the deseg case -- actually a proposal to insinuate himself permanently within the district administrative structure.

I should go. I'm not. I have some small conflicts, but I mostly would rather avoid the train wreck.

If the western part of town needs an elementary school -- and it does -- then it also  needs a middle school to be fed by the elementary. It's not going to get it, based on comments made by key board members.

There should be an honest search for a new superintendent and the interim, Linda Watson, should participate in that process. The conclusion might be that she's the best alternative. A similar process was used in choosing a new Little Rock city manager. Bruce Moore ended up with the job anyway, but an honest process would increase confidence in the outcome.

The Walker proposal should be a non-starter.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Should anyone drop by today -- or should any board members drop by this site afterward -- I'd appreciate a report. max@arktimes.com

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