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WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON: The subject has been discussed in threads here already. Yesterday, Marion Berry and Dustin McDaniel, who support Clinton, blasted Obama for his remarks invoking Ronald Reagan and referring to the Republican Party as the party of ideas. I've listened to the remarks. Obama makes some mitigating comments, but I still found them entirely too kind toward Reagan and entirely too critical of Democratic control in the 1960s and 1970s when some very good things -- civil rights legislation particularly -- were done by the federal government.

CONSTIPATED: John Brummett writes about Fred Thompson's non-campaign (not altogether critically), noting that both have been the, yuk yuk, butt of Mike Huckabee anal humor. As a writer puts it here, Huckabee is a master at using quips to deflect tought questions. When he's not being plain stupid:

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” (Jan. 8), Huckabee finessed the allegation that he favored stripping American citizenship from children born in the United States to illegal immigrants. That ever-present “someone,” he said, had suggested to him that bestowing citizenship on such children “needed to be reviewed.” The status of children of illegal immigrants who had come for the purpose of giving birth, Huckabee added, might indeed might be reconsidered.

As he said, “I simply said that’s something the Supreme Court would have to rule on.” He maintained that rejecting citizenship “was only a conversation that someone had with me.” Again, that “someone.”

But why would – why should – the Supreme Court “reconsider” a constitutional amendment that has been clearly understood for more than 140 years? It could be that Huckabee betrays his “Old South” roots.

 Does Huckabee want the Supreme Court to rule whether a constitutional provision is “constitutional” – or not? Perhaps Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, our leading “originalists,” might find that the Fourteenth Amendment violated the so-called “original understanding” of the Constitution.

SNAKE OIL: The New York Times writes admiringly about how The Huckster can promote the most conservative religious  beliefs while sounding moderate. More suckers. Make no mistake of Huck's core. He'll say whatever is necessary no matter how contradictory to score momentary gain. And few seem willing to hold him to account. Scary.

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