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Election day -- UPDATE II



Sort of. Weird caucuses in Nevada. A sure-enough Republican primary in South Carolina.

We'll be checking in.

Mike Huckabee -- helped by robocalling push polls and Confederate flag waving -- is surging in latest S.C.polls.


NEVADA: Hillary and Romney win.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Cable TV talking heads keep talking about how 59 percent of those in exit polls are evangelicals. They are not talking results, of course. But I think this is a broad hint at a Huckabee victory. Break out the Rebel flag, boys. And give the rod to anybody who doesn't like it.


Polls closed in South Carolina. McCain and Huckabee are too close to call.


Fred Thompson is gone, though he issues a non-concession concession. I still think it's now McCain-Romney-Huckabee. McCain is the most dangerous for Democrats, I still think. But that funky Huckashtick could be dangerous. It's not quantifiable.


The nets aren't calling it, but I will. I don't think, with 80 percent of the vote in, that Huck can close the remaining gap, currently 33-30. I call it for JOHN MCCAIN. This will be a mighty disappointment to Huck forces. They thought they were poised for a Bible-beating, Rebel-flag waving South Carolina breakout.

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