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The mouth that roared



In response to a question on another thread:

Yes the former high sheriff and congressman Tommy Robinson (pictured in better days) was back in federal bankruptcy court today for a hearing on whether he should be held in criminal contempt for continuing to press claims that the judge has said have already been litigated. According to our report from the scene: Bankruptcy Judge James Mixon heard the arguments in Robinson's defense from attorney Bill Lewellen and then said he didn't believe Robinson would stop pursuing spurious complaints until someone put him in jail. He said he'd recommend to a district court judge, who will decide the issue, to put Robinson in jail. He said he'd leave it to the district judge,  likely Judge Jim Moody, to decide how long that might be. He mentioned perhaps a month or two months. A separate contempt recommendation against Robinson is already pending before Moody, if I remember correctly.

This is one defendant who, poetic justice demands, be housed in the Pulaski County Jail. Perhaps chained for a few hours to a fence outside for good measure.

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