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FUDGE FACTOR: The Washington Post fact-checker discovers that The Huckster has been badly exaggerating his job creation record in Arkansas.

HAI KARATE: South Carolina Republicans turn out for Chuck Norris and wrestler Ric Flair. The Huckster also waved the Rebel flag issue around and a pro-Dixie group is lauding him in ads, shown above. ABC saw the flag gambit as a blatant pander. No kidding. The flag event also was the occasion for more anal humor from The Huckster. After fart jokes, constipation and laxative references he now offers the suggestion of a rod up someone's rear. Do you think there's maybe an unhealthy fixation here? Wonkette also wonders why conservatives spend so much time thinking about bestiality.

GOD'S CANDIDATE: Here's a roundup of religion issues emerging in the Huckabee campaign, both from his own words and the even farther-out beliefs (stoning advocated) of his cadre of religious extremist supporters. There are internal links to articles on Huckabee's ties to Israel and Joe Conason's commentary on Huckabee's idea to rewrite the Constitution from a Biblical perspective.

'QUEEN OF FUN': That would be Janet Huckabee.

JESUS JUICE: Jim Holt surfaces with an op-ed in NW Ark. Times. You'll have to copy and paste to avoid the pay-only site:

If I told you that Mike Huckabee has raised more taxes, grown more government, supported more bureaucratic control of our schools, pardoned more criminals, helped bring in more illegal immigrants, and been more duplicitous in 10 years than Bill Clinton was in 12, would you feel betrayed ?

He can talk all he wants, but his record is who he is.

If Mike Huckabee does not practice what he preaches, does he betray himself, the denomination of GOP conservatism, and us ?

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