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Nelson's severance tax



Sheffield Nelson, the former Arkla gas CEO and Republican gubernatorial candidate, will shortly unveil his proposal to increase the state's scandalously low severance tax on natural gas. He's having a news conference at 10 a.m.

He's submitted the proposed initiated act to the attorney general's office for review. As soon as we have a copy, we'll post it for your review.

If the petition drive is successful, voters will get a crack at it this fall.

I hope somebody mentions at this morning's news conference -- and hoots derisively -- at the "study" underway at the University of Arkansas on Fayetteville shale gas exploration and its implication for the severance tax. The gas companies exploring the shale -- and trashing roads, polluting water and otherwise causing disruption in their underinspected activities -- are financing the study. It will carry a great deal of credibility with that financial backing if it comes out against a severance tax increase.

We've had our differences with Sheffield Nelson over the years. Not here. Go get 'em, Sheff.

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