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A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS: More smelly Huckabusiness. Remember when Mike Huckabee turned up involved with a New York penny-stock play, Flagship Global, that supposedly had big plans in health care? It smelled then. It smells worse now under the examination of Jonathan Weil, a former Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter who now works for Bloomberg (and whose credits for corporate fraud reporting include work at the Wall Street Journal on Enron). Included in this curious episode: Contradictory financial reporting on Huckabee's involvement; the shady past of some principals,and unanswered questions. Add it to the ever-growing trove of Huckabee financial funny business. Perhaps others in the national press will join Weil, who long ago noticed the pattern in his groundbreaking reporting at the D-G on Action America. My prediction: as long as Huck thinks he can still pick up some dough from his options in this outfit, he won't follow Weil's advice:

 So back to the original question: Why is Huckabee still a director at this company? He might be wise to sever his ties. Sitting on the board at a floundering penny stock doesn't look very presidential.

PUSH POLLING: The Huckabee support troops are well underway with the odious tactic in South Carolina.

A PARTY ADRIFT: The Republicans.


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