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'Radical cleric' Mike Huckabee



Mike Huckabee's proposal Monday night to rewrite the U.S. Constitution in the words of his God got virtually no mention in mainstream media today. But it's all over the web, including this piece on Alternet. It won't go away because it captures the radical lurking behind the aw-shucks demeanor.

In time, web commentary will drive the conventional media to catch up. Also due for a catchup: The lightly mentioned reference to Huckabee's idea to block U.S. borders to legal immigrants from countries that have harbored terrorists. He invoked 9/11 in the process. Somebody must have enlightened him that the 9/11 attackers came from such allies as Saudi Arabia and likely drew support from people there.

Can you say "not ready for prime time"?

His staff's response to the God gaffe was instructive. He was just reaching out to evangelicals in Michigan then, they said. He'd worry about alienating other voters later. This is SO Huckabee. Say whatever is necessaryat the moment. Worry about contradictions, flip-flops and other consequences later, when there's time to get a change-of-direction fart/constipation joke at the ready.

SPEAKING OF RELIGION: American Prospect offers a searching look at Huckabee's "religious populism." Sarah Posner writes that Huckabee to his admirers is

Not just a guy who one day will cite Jesus as his favorite philosopher and the next day cook up a phony faith-based initiative to throw them a bone, but a guy who, they believe, lives and evangelizes just like they do. Which is why, if Huckabee did become president, he would do far more for the religious right than Karl Rove ever dreamed of for Bush. Huckabee is one of them; Rove was playing them.

SPEAKING OF RELIGIOUS NUTS: Meet Huckabee's new strategy adviser James Pinkerston. Wowza.

THE INTERFAITH ALLIANCE ON HUCK'S STATEMENT: "Governor Huckabee needs to understand that the United States is a democracy not a theocracy."


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