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The annals of the "liberal media": Washington Post headline on the Michigan Democratic primary, where Hillary Clinton got 56 percent of the vote against a campaign for voters to vote "uncommitted."

44 Percent Vote Against Clinton.

Sure, it's worth noting. But ....

SPEAKING OF MEDIA: This is from a Glenn Greenwald column in which CNN's John King demonstrates, in spades, how touchy journalists get when THEY get criticized. But it has universal application.

Ponder how much better things would be if establishment journalists -- in response to being endlessly lied to and manipulated by political officials and upon witnessing extreme lawbreaking and corruption at the highest levels of our government -- were able to muster just a tiny fraction of the high dudgeon, petulant offense, and melodramatic outrage that comes pouring forth whenever their "reporting" is criticized.  

ARKIE MEDIA: The Stephens-owned paper in Las Vegas (that's a Little Rock-based empire, if you didn't know), which is that state's mightiest paper by light years, has endorsed Obama and blasted Hillary. Can the Cabot Star-Herald be far behind? But given the ownership, this passage, which is mirrored in the headline, is kind of, well, ironic or hypocritical or something:

As Nevada Democrats head to their caucuses Saturday, they might ask themselves whether they really want to spend two months later this year watching a re-run of the horror movie "It Came From Little Rock," with the sound turned up much too loud -- or if they'd rather make it a real contest this fall.


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