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Bulldogs and Browning's



Enough politics. I'm going to indulge myself.

GOOD DOGS: The American Kennel Club announced today its annual list of the 10 most popular pure-bred dogs. The boring labrador retriever remains on top. Ho hum. The good news is that the bulldog has waddled its way back into to the top 10 for the first time in 70 years. Their "docile, even-tempered personalities ... belie their tough-guy image," breeders are quoted. Indeed. I've had four of them and currently a French cousin (pictured). They're the best. And nothing skateboards like Tyson the bulldog.

GOOD FOOD: All the talk of Browning's restaurant lately -- new owners plan some improvements but retention of the time-honored traditions -- was irresistible. I had to drop by the venerable Kavanaugh restaurant for lunch. I swore I was going to have a plate lunch or fried chicken or hamburger. But no. The Saltillo plate siren called yet again. Readers have discussed before love/hate of Browning's. I won't belabor it or argue. Great lunch by my lights. Great service. The warm, fresh old school chips and hot sauce were particularly good.

But here's the really good news. New owner Richard Harrison (Pizza Cafe) says Browning's is very close to adding Cordell's potato salad, chicken salad and roast beef (perfectly seasoned, rare top sirloin) to the offerings, thanks to new co-worker Dean Cline, who owned the late Cordell's. These will  be available for takeout, just as they were at Cordell's deli in Riverdale in the old days. Also a French dip sandwich. Can the Cordell's funeral tray be far behind? It's a little embarrassing to say how happy this development makes me. Harrison said Cline turned out about 20 roasts for Little Rock families' Christmas table. Nice idea.

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