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Brother against brother



The Club for Growth is continuing its advertising campaign against Mike Huckabee in South Carolina.

What better way for Huckabee to demonstrate that rich folks need not fear a candidate than to trot out a bunch of rich folks to reassure their brethren?

The Huckabee campaign did that today with a release from Arkansas businessmen expressing support for Huckabee and his business record. (They'll get no disagreement from us. See Ernest Dumas for a recitation of who was really helped by Huckabee governance - fat cats or working men.)

The supporters include John Tyson, Scott Ford of Alltel, Huckabee's campaign leader French Hill of Delta Trust, Madison Murphy of Murphy Oil and Warren Stephens of Stephens Inc. If you've been reading us long enough, you know that Stephens money from brother Jackson T. Stephens Jr. has been instrumental in the past in financing the Club for Growth's campaign against Huckabee on tax and other issues.

The revolt of the rednecks? Not hardly. Can we now please retire the populist label?

The Huckabee campaign trotted out other Arkies today, including UCA President Lu Hardin (doesn't he have a job in Conway?), to attack the Club for Growth and note pro-Romney backers among its contributors. They didn't mention Mr. Stephens Jr.

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