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Interesting tidbit from Morning News coverage of a debate on the effort to vote Benton County wet. An opponent of alcohol sales equated a vote on the proposition with "mob rule." I kid you not.

Routon's Citizens for Choice 2008 has circulated petitions the last several months in Benton County in an attempt to get the issue of changing Benton County to a wet county on the November ballot. Jones called the idea of putting the issue to a vote "goofy" at Monday's gathering.

"Do we really want to put this to vote?" Jones asked. "I don't believe our country runs by a mob rule."

What folks like Jones prefer is the punitive state law that all but prohibits votes on alcohol sales in counties where the religionists rule. You don't have to do much dreaming to think of other issues they'd prefer to put off limits to the democratic process.

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