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The morning Huck (and Hill)



THE CHURCH STRATEGY: Does Mike Huckabee have a problem with Catholic voters? This item in Politico touches on a big problem in becoming, as Rush Limbaugh has described Huckabee, an "identity" candidate. It's a rare religion that doesn't see negatives in the brand of my-way-or-hell's-highway religion that characterizes Huckabee's evangelical base. There are also some overt anti-Catholics among his most prominent supporters.

FROM THE RIGHT: Debbie Pelley, a dedicated winger, has compiled a handy reference guide to the blemishes on Mike Huckabee's record. Strange bedfellows there, you'll see. Like Debbie approvingly quoting some things we've written.

TOUGH HUCK: On CNN, Huckabee admits he supported Wayne Dumond's parole. But NOT HIS RELEASE? WTF. He also brags about the number of people executed on his watch. He also decries the 527 independent groups. Of course, one doing robocalling is benefitting him. By the way, Digby further explains Huckabee and his love of Wayne Dumond.

PALMETTO PONDERING: Rep. Marion Berry has been working South Carolina for Hillary Clinton. He talks to John Brummett about it, foresees problems there for Hillary. Note: Bill Clinton did not dismiss Obama's emergence as a "fairy tale" (he was referring to his voting record on the war as video of the episode clearly shows) nor did Hillary Clinton misspeak when she said a president, Lyndon Johnson, was responsible for passage of concrete civil rights laws as a response to Martin Luther King's struggle. Not that it matters. The statements were unwise in the context of reaching black voters and they've been widely interpreted to their detriment beyond much hope of full repair. Particularly since they are being misrepresented in the major newspapers. Here's Princeton prof Sean Wilentz for a deeper look at the King-Johnson-Clinton issue. And this blog brings all the racial strings together. Finally, who really is playing the race card?

MEANWHILE UP NORTH: The NY Times says a strong showing in South Carolina could help make Obama a serioius challenger in vitally important New York.

THOMPSON TAKEOFF?: Did Fred Thompson's broadside against Mike Huckabee put his campaign in motion? NY Times finds some voters who say yes.


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