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D-Mac in a rumble -- UPDATE III



Holy Heisman, Batman. In fact, a Hog named Batman comes to mind..

Fox 16 is reporting -- you should gaze over at their headline links on our site from time to time if you aren't doing so already -- that Darren McFadden was involved in a Little Rock bar fracas (Ernie Biggs in the River Market) early this morning. What, classes haven't resumed in Fayetteville? (A reader says that classes don't resume this week; we're checking to see if he's still enrolled. He's to receive an award at a Little Rock dinner tonight.) UPDATE: McFadden is not currently registered for the spring semester, which starts Jan. 14, according to the UA registrar's office. The registration deadline is Jan. 18.

These handcuffs weren't golden as NFL resume-builders.

Narrative from the police report on the jump.

I called Brant Hankins, the bar bouncer, for his version of events and to ask whether he'd decided to seek charges against anyone as a result of the incident. His response:

"I’m not going to speak about it at this time. Everything is still kind of up in the air.  I may at some point."   The Little Rock number listed on the police report for McFadden is a disconnected number. UPDATE III: Fox 16 has some new details, one being that McFadden drove away early this morning in an Escalade. But it also has an interview with his mother Mini Muhammad, who said the event was being blown out of proportion, that the bouncer hit her son Bilal first and that McFadden wasn't fighting, only trying to protect his family.


Time: 12:18 a.m. Thursday

Place: 307 President Clinton Ave.

Narrative: "I was in the 300 blk of President Clinton Ave. and noticed some form of a disturbance spilling out of the front door to Ernie Biggs Piano Bar. I realized it was some fight that occurred and radioed for backup to a large disturbance. I obtained the names of the five suspects, but was told by both Victim 1 [Brant Hankins, the bouncer] and Witness 1 [Kevin Anderson of Ernie Biggs] that there were several more. Victim 1 (Hankins) stated that he was trying to prevent Suspect 1 [Bilal Mohammad] from hitting someone and began to escort Suspect 1out of the bar, but before he could get downstairs he was attacked by several persons striking him with fists to his face. Victim 1 refused MEMS and was advised to obtain warrants. Witness 1 (Anderson) stated that he observed Suspects 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 striking Victim 1 along with several other unknown suspects. Suspect 1 (Mohammad) stated that he was just trying to get to his brother and didn't know why the bouncer, Victim 1, was grabbing and pushing him out. Suspects 2, 3, 4 and 5 all stated that they werte just trying to leave when some unknown persons were fighting. Suspect 2 (McFadden) was handcuffed by Officer Thomas because Suspect 2 was agitated and provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident so to control and calm him down he was handcuffed. He calmed down and after investigation was released from the handcuffs. Suspect 1 had a nosebleed but refused MEMS. "

Others with McFadden according to the police report were James H. Hill Jr., 22 of Little Rock, Anthony Rogers, 34, of Little Rock, and Rodriques Lipkins, 27, of North Little Rock.

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