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City recall campaign


The effort to recall Little Rock City Director Erma Hendrix continues. A news release on the effort is on the jump.


Ward One Citizens for Progress today filed a Statement of Organization with the Arkansas Ethics Commission, to comply with state law, a spokesman announced. The group seeks to recall from office Ward One Director Erma Hendrix.

Committee members are circulating petitions to collect signatures of Ward One registered voters on petitions that justify her removal from office because of "her disruptive behavior and failure to work for the good of the citizens of Ward One."

The campaign is meeting election law requirements by this Commission filing, which named Ojima Robinson as chairman; Kathy Wells as co-chairman, and Ellen T. Carpenter as treasurer. The campaign will comply with financial reporting regulations of the Ethics Commission.

The Committee has opened Post Office Box 165026, Little Rock, AR 72216, to receive donations from citizens desiring effective representation, and to assure checks and balances in city government. The Committee is raising money for voter mailings and related campaign expenses, according to a Committee spokesman.

Additional signatures are still being sought, the Committee spokesman said, to assure an ample number is provided to the city clerk when the group turns in its petitions to call the special election on whether or not to remove Dir. Hendrix from office. Campaign workers are checking petition signatures against the voter-registration rolls.

The Citizens for Progress recall campaign has provoked a strong reaction from Dir. Hendrix and her supporters.

At the November 6 session of the Little Rock Board of Directors, Dir. Hendrix interrupted the Committee representative who was making a comment during the Citizen Comment period, tried to prevent her from speaking, and asked that the cameras be turned off so that home viewers of the government meeting could not hear her statement.

City officials rejected her demand, allowed the comment, and kept the cameras rolling.

At the August 21 session, Hendrix supporters opposed the recall petition drive during Citizen Comment time at a Board meeting, and one supporter, Noel Washington, said she was targeted because "She's not one of your house niggers." City officials rebuked the Washington for "inappropriate language" and intervened to halt the speaker at that point.


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