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There he goes again. Mike Huckabee has professed solidarity with striking TV writers. But he'll cross their picket line -- trample them with jackboots if need be -- to get in front of TV cameras filming the Jay Leno show tonight. Comments the NY Times:

Although crossing picket lines might not be unusual for most Republican candidates, Mr. Huckabee has waged an unusual populist campaign on economic issues, stressing his empathy with the anxieties of working people. On Wednesday, he said he identified with the striking television workers as an author himself and believed they deserved a share of the proceeds from the sale of their work.

Mr. Huckabee’s inconsistency about the picket lines outside the Leno show are the latest in a string of missteps that have underscored the ad-hoc, on-the-fly nature of his insurgent campaign.

MORE MEDIA: Huckabee also got bigtime exposure today on the Rush Limbaugh show. Too bad for him, it wasn't good.

STILL MORE MEDIA MADNESS: Here a broadcasting industry writer scratches his head at Huckabee's damaging disdain for Rush Limbaugh at the same time he's cozying up to the far less influential Joe Scarborough.

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