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'People don't always understand his humor'



A fascinating and tough interview of the potential future first lady of the U.S., Janet Huckabee, by a reporter for an Iowa website. A taste:

Iowa Independent: Your husband was quoted as saying when he was asked about gay marriage that "until Moses comes down with two tablets from Brokeback Mountain and says he's changed the rules" that your husband would maintain his opposition to it. Now, most people would recoginize that it's respectful discourse if somebody would just say I'm opposed to marriage in situations that don't involve a man and a woman. Is this the kind of rhetoric that brings people together? Does he need to say things like that or is this just hostile toward a certain segment of the population?

Mrs. Huckabee: Mike is very humorous in a lot of different ways.

Iowa Independent: But that's humorous at the expense of homosexuals.

Mrs. Huckabee: People don't always understand his humor. I'm not going to say his choice of words is always the right choice of words. I've been married to him 33-1/2 years but we don't agree on everything. But I think that he's very to open the lifestyle of the gay community. That's not the issue. The issue is changing the definition of marriage. The definition of marriage to Mike is to between one man and one woman and we can't change that. The Koran says that. The Bible says that. Was that a mistake? I don't know. Did it hurt someone's feelings? It could have. I don't think he did it intentionally. I truly think his leadership is a leadership to all the people and not just some of the people -- not just the Baptists or, you know, a certain segment of the population. He wants to be the people's president.


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