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FLAT EARTH/FLAT TAX: A Washington Post writer at last takes a look at the unworkable 30 percent national sales tax being promoted by candidate Mike Huckabee. It undeniably has political appeal. But ...

There's one problem: A national sales tax won't work, at least not according to tax experts and economists of all political stripes. Even President Bush's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform dedicated a chapter of its 2005 final report to dismissing such proposals.

"After careful evaluation, the Panel decided to reject a complete replacement of the federal income tax system with a retail sales tax," the panel said. It concluded that such a move would shift the tax burden from the rich to the poor or create the largest entitlement program in history to mitigate that new burden.

POLLING: LA Times shows Huck with big lead in Iowa, well back in New Hampshire. On the Democratic side, Obama is essentially tied with Clinton in both states.

THERE IS NO DIRTY MONEY: Not to the Huckster, in any case. Politico drills further into Mike Huckabee's haul of speaking fees. We've told you before about his taking big dough from a stem cell researcher. Also, it develops on Politico, he's gotten money from a morning-after pill producer. Also from a group interested in using gun control laws to reduce violence. Also as a "consultant" to the music instrument industry, whose sales he championed as governor and who got $500,000 in purchase mney as one of his final "emergency" expenditures.

THE CHURCH LADY VOTE: A report here on an under-the-radar GOTV effort for Huckabee to be based this Sunday in Iowa churches.


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