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Fast and furious UPDATE



As the Iowa caucus draws near, political news is heavy. Tonight and, UPDATED, with Saturday morning money news:

MR. NICE GUY: Huckabee TV ads are the perfect blend of positive with nuanced negative.

DUMBASS WATCH: But, his work in foreign affairs isn't helpful, even an aide admits.

HUCK'S BITCH: Make fun of Chuck Norris? Why not. He won't get even and kick your butt. He'll sue. Chuck -- the trial lawyers' friend.

HUCK'S BITCH II: It would be Dan Balz, enamored of the same tired old anecdotes the Huckster has been peddling for years -- the cake with the salt, the daughter in Israel, etc. Policy? Who cares. The Washington Post is only one of the country's most influential newspapers. What matters besides a slick talk and some well-honed anecdotes to its reporters?

MONEY BAGS: Sam Stein follows the Huckabee money. Another chapter in The Huckster's book of pushing the limits on propriety and accountability.

SPEAKING OF MONEY: Fund-raising is improving for the Huckabee campaign. And with more money comes some unattractive associations. And more questions about whether legal limits have been pushed.

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