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No quip to cover -- UPDATE II



When you get the national spotlight on a matter of international importance (assassination of a foreign leader), there's no way to quip your way out of a boner. USA Today rounds up criticism of Huckabee'e cluelessness on Pakistan.

UPDATE: Here he backs and fills. Another blog is unimpressed.

UPDATE II: Think Progress rips him on several points, including putting Afghanistan on the wrong border while trying to demonstrate his Pakistan prowess.

Huckabee’s muffed and embarrassing responses to Bhutto’s death underscore his glaring foreign policy incompetence.

And he sure seems to be playing the Paki-fear card. Plus he's throwing the Strangelovian Frank Gaffney's name around again, though Gaffney had previously erupted at the notion of linkage with The Huckster. "Cockamamie," Gaffney said.

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