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The swing state



It is no longer a flight of fancy to consider the outcome of a Hillary Clinton-Mike Huckabee matchup for president and whether Arkansas would tilt toward it's former first lady or its former governor.

In 2000, Al Gore could have been president had he carried Arkansas, so polling here has a little more resonance than it might otherwise if you presume a similar national political landscape and Arkansas's long history of generally supporting presidential trends.

All of which is runup to some interesting stuff: A poll commissioned by Talk Business which shows a statistical dead heat between Hillary and Huck in a hypothetical matchup in Arkansas. Here's a summary of key questions.

Here's a link to Talk Business, which is rolling out the poll as part of the launch of a new free quarterly on Arkansas business topics. There's also a roundtable involving Jim Lindsey, the real estate mogul and former Hog; Farm Bureau leader Stanley Reed, who heads the UA Board, and trucker Steve Williams. I hope they talked football coaches.

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