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Enough Christmas: back to politics.

OF HANG-DOG IMAGES AND HANGING DOG IMAGES: The Washington Post. (This is mostly about the Post's shameless use of a an unflattering photo of Hillary (photo-shopped?), a subject that has the blogosphere working.)

WITH ENEMIES LIKE THESE: I had computer problems this morning, otherwise I'd have posted an item early saying echoing what the National Review says about a new hit piece by the Club for Growth on Mike Huckabee. Poorly timed, if nothing else, having been distributed on Christmas day. But I'd also add that it was not helpful to the Club for Growth's cause of defeating The Huckster. It would appear he made some mildly populist statements on CNBC about outrageous executive pay (not that he has any idea of what to do about it except view it with alarm). The Club for Growth isn't happy about Huckabee's words about greedy CEOs. But if primary election outcomes depend on the CEO and CEO-sympathizer vote, I'd rather be on the other side. Also today, Club for Growth announced it's pouring $550,000 into TV advertising in Iowa to, er, educate voters on Huck.

HE WAS AGAINST IT BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER HE WAS FOR IT: Huckabee clears up a little misspeaking to a New Hampshire newspaper on the question of civil unions. He indicated an acceptance of them (in a recorded interview) when he was a nobody on the campaign trail trying to impress the liberal editorial board of an influential New Hampshire newspaper with his crossover appeal. Who'd ever know? Unfortunately for him, we caught the reference and sent it around the country. So he's having to clean up.

TODAY'S VIDEO: Thanks to Atrios:

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