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ON THE HUNT: Bird killing in Iowa.

I'm slacking, true. I did plunge into WLR today to buy a toaster. Big mistake. I also cleaned the oven. Top that.

Here are some scraps from the campaign, the only news I"ve been able to run across today save snow madness.

PAY ME, I'LL SPEAKEE: Politico gets into the fact, reported here earlier, that Huckabee is selectively raking in speaking fees, breaking tradition with other presidential candidates. Hey, he's got a mortgage. But what about those book royalties (many for books peddled to friends and supporters.) And what about those earlier fees? And what about the appearance of selling your presidential celebrity to interested parties? I know. Never mattered to the Huckster. He insists he's taking no money from churches. But if he's making money talking about health care (including to stem cell researcher Novo Nordisk), isn't it time to put a definitive rest to the questions about whether his weight loss was strictly a result of dieting and exercise, as he claims, or as Arkansas legend has long had it, assisted by surgery?


BAD REPORTING: AP again supports the Huckabee-scripted fiction that Huckabee somehow could have called a special legislative session for impeachment when Jim Guy Tucker delayed his resignation a few hours. Again, THAT would have been a constitutional crisis. A usurpation of power that the lieutenant governor didn't have, to call a session that wasn't empowered by Constituttion without the governor's call. And, which, even if it was properly called by Tucker (not likely), would have required impeachment in the House and trial in the Senate before Huckabee could have assumed his position. Earth to AP: get an editor.


WEAK ON WETBACKS: So says Jeremy Hutchinson.


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