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I saw my first Mike Huckabee for President bumper sticker today. I've been seeing Hillary stickers around for weeks. The driver of this vehicle (why embarrasss him?) had just been in the theater with me for a viewing of "Walk Hard." I give it a 81.3426. I'd make it an 81.3428, maybe even an 81.3429, if they'd given equal screen time to sexploitation of the female form.

I'm no movie critic, but it had its moments. It provided some genuine laughs for Christmas Eve afternoon. Little Rock's Matt Besser is guitarist in the band for the lead character, Dewey Cox, played by John C. Reilly, in the sendup of music biopics.

PS -- A blog reader spied the former governor and the rest of the Huckabee family enjoying their traditional Christmas Eve Chinese dinner at Forbidden City. And the fortune cookies said ....



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