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Matt Bai of the New York Times magazine hits the road in New Hampshire with Bill Clinton. It's a takeoff for a look back at the Clinton years and differing political philosophies within the Democratic Party.

..a lot of Democrats seem genuinely conflicted, on practically an existential level, when it comes to Clinton. They almost uniformly admire the former president; 82 percent of Democrats polled by Fox News in November had a favorable opinion of Clinton, and, in a New York Times poll released earlier this month, 44 percent of Democratic voters said they were more inclined to support Hillary’s candidacy because of him. And yet, they regard with suspicion, if not outright resentment, the centrist forces he helped unleash on the party. They might love Bill Clinton, but they loathe Clintonism. And it is this conflict that has, in recent weeks, become a subtle but important theme of the 2008 campaign, as Hillary Clinton’s rivals try to portray her as the Return of the Great Triangulator.

This is undoubtedly an issue for at least some in the Democratic primary. It's not likely to send many into the arms of the Republican candidate come November.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, writes about a splintered Republican Party searching for a unity candidate.

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