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GOD'S CANDIDATE: NY Times on Huckabee's putative battle to restore Jesus Christ and Merry Christmas to the American lexicon. As if they'd ever been removed.

GOD'S CANDIDATE II: Washington Post also examines Huckabee's religious leanings, such as his invention of "Christophobia" back when he took up the cause of Christian Heritage Week.

THE NEW BUSH: Houston Chronicle notes the (scary) similarities -- another nice-guy conservative driven by faith more than facts. (And, who, truth be told, isn't so nice as he first appears.)


GUITAR MAN: The Democrat-Gazette this morning did a feature on the former governor's bass guitar playing and the expensive custom bass he uses, now made in Conway. Was this a gift from the Gibson guitar company ? I had a hazy memory about it that I couldn't clarify through a web search. But here's one occasion when Huck "picked up" a Gibson Les Paul guitar. This was during a time when he wasn't known for paying cash. And there's this Christmas card (shown above) with the governor playing his Tobias bass in 1999.

UPDATE: He reported a gift of a bass guitar from Gibson guitars in 1998, plus another guitar from the Stobaugh family and a guitar from Lynyrd Skynrd. (And a fur coat, use of an expensive bass boat, use of an expensive SUV, etc., etc. Those WERE the days.) He later got a $350 bass guitar from Colin Raye, another reporter informs me.

CULTURE MAVEN: Huck wasn't ready to comment on the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, but he was a quote machine when it came to Britney Spears' preggers baby sister.

FAT BUSTER: Politico chats with the governor about his 12-lb. weight gain.

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