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God's nominee -- UPDATE



Though the heathens, Jews, Catholics, atheists and sober mainstream Protestants may rage, Mike Huckabee knows his audience. He's taking The Cross and the Switcheroo Message ad to New Hampshire and South Carolina, as well as Iowa. Could a Christian leader do any other? He's also touting another video, employing the cross (or what a not-very-fertile imagination would call a cross), the flag and Ronald Reagan


God isn't helping Huck yet in New Hampshire, according to polls shown here. He's too busy on the horn with Religious Righters in Iowa, where He's got the Huck count among the saved to 57-19. He'll be robo-calling the final 19 Christmas Eve.

UPDATE: And here's what's wrong with Beltway media today. ABC reports that Mike Huckabee has used his strongest language ever (I'd disagree with that, from personal experience) to attack Mitt Romney for his attack ads. On the attack, even, Huckabee gets credited in the story with being the nice guy. But never mind that. The story is all about name-calling and counter-name-calling. Not a single relevant issue or point of a candidate's record is discussed. How the hell can a voter be informed by this kind of coverage? What is Romney saying about Huckabee's record? What are Huckabee's responses? How specifically has Romney been dishonest? Etc. Sheesh.

More sheesh. Chris Cillzza of Wash. Post continues to smooch Huck's rear (to borrow a Huck formulation) in reporting how women (meaning mainly evangelical Republicans in Iowa) love the nice guy Huck. Maybe because they don't know about his denial of abortion funding to a raped retarded girl. Or his belief in submission of women to male leadership. Of his regrets about equality in the workplace.  Etc. And who's job would that be to inform them, Mr. Cillizza? Not yours, obviously.

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