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The morning Huck -- AND MORE



MEET THE PRESS -- NOT! Huffington post, quoting American Spectator, says:

Huck stiffs Russert: Mike Huckabee would rather dine with Satan than be grilled by Tim Russert. "There is no way he'll do it without at least two weeks of prep time and we can't do that now," says a new arrival to Team Huckabee in Iowa. "He's focused on winning Iowa, not playing 'gotcha' and being embarrassed on 'Meet the Press.'"

History: Huckabee announced his candidacy on Meet the Press, where he promptly was served up his first grilling on Wayne Dumond.

PROMISE THEM ANYTHING. Washington Post examines Huck's foreign policy article more closely. The scrap of criticism about Bush got most attention. Peter Baker looks closer at Huck's bodacious promises -- energy independence in 10 years, a bigger military, etc.

HEIL HUCKABEE. Ron Paul on Fox news, from Wonkette:

In this 25 seconds or so Paul managed to speak before a commercial break, he found a window to call Mike Huckabee a fascist. Paul, responding to a question about the not-so-subliminal cross in Huckabee’s new Christmas ad, said it reminded him of a Sinclair Lewis quote: “When fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in a flag carrying a cross.”

THEOLOGICALLY SPEAKING Salon interviews theologian John Haught, who, amid much other discussion, admits concern about Huckabee's anti-evolution position.

To admit that he "personally" rejects evolution may sound harmless enough at first sight. But when any Christians reject evolution these days, one may presume that they usually, though not always, do so on the basis of a literalist style of biblical interpretation. It's this that concerns me. Combined with the principle of private interpretation of Scripture, biblical literalism can end up short-circuiting the process of public debate, justifying almost any domestic and international policies one finds convenient. I don't know for sure that this is the case with Huckabee, but I'm still worried.

EVENING IN IOWA: Brummett: Huck wraps himself in the Reagan mantle, including Ed Rollins, a consultant not as shiny as he was when it was morning in America.

SMILING FACES, SOMETIMES THEY LIE: The Washington Post fact-checker feature nails The Huckster on the blatant dishonesty of current statements about his support for legislation to give in-state tuition and scholarship help to illegal immigrants.

A DIVIDER NOT A UNITER: So says Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review.

WE ARE FAMILY: Of puppies and Penthouse on Wonkette. Also on Jezebel, which notes the ASPCA ad that followed Papa Huck's defense on Larry King.

THE MURDERER'S FRIEND: NBC last night took a look at another killer freed thanks to Huckabee's belief that he'd found Jesus (even as he was breaking the law using state computers at the Governor's Mansion before his release)

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