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Perverted justice UPDATE



I still think it's strange for a small-town Arkansas police department to get in the business of trolling the Internet to lure potential sexual predators to their towns to bust them. Did any of these guys present a threat to Gentry until the cops invited them in? Do the Gentry cops (and assorted other local coppers) have nothing else to do? Do some of the cops who set up these deals get their jollies from it? You may have to copy and paste the following to get to the page for free:

The Iconoclast is with me on this, including a humorous additional angle:

What I don't get is what probable cause, or even improbable cause, existed to establish jurisdiction and justify participation in the bust by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission wildlife enforcement officers. Were they expecting Angus MacGregor to show up? Perhaps herds of Satyrs and Centaurs? Lesbian Mermaids? This is pretty weird, even for Benton County.


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