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The morning Huck UPDATE



As befits a front-runner, he's all over the NYT this morning, including the cover of the NY Times magazine. I should have mentioned this magazine cover earlier, but I assumed all Blog readers hang on every word and had seen my post to this article earlier in the week. Sorry. Should have put it up this morning. Elsewhere:

In a humorous sci-fi reading list for the various candidates, David Itzkoff suggests for Mike Huckabee:

Should tell reporters he’s read “By His Bootstraps,” by Robert A. Heinlein: A hard-working man learns he will one day ascend to a position of great power if he can just trick history into repeating itself.

Might also consider reading “A Sound of Thunder,” by Ray Bradbury: A clumsy milquetoast with a shaky grasp of science goes hunting for dinosaurs and ruins the future for everybody.

He gets a swipe from Frank Rich, mostly occupied with boosting Obama:

But it just may be possible that the single biggest boost to the Obama campaign is not white liberal self-congratulation or the Clinton camp’s self-immolation, but the collective nastiness of the Republican field. Just when you think the tone can’t get any uglier, it does. Last week Mike Huckabee, who only recently stood out for his kind words about illegal immigrants, accepted an endorsement from a founder of the Minutemen, whose approach to stopping the “illegal alien invasion” has been embraced by white supremacists and who have been condemned as “vigilantes” by President Bush.

Adam Nagourney puts the Huckabee surge in perspective:

It is hard to think of another campaign when Republicans have seemed less excited about their choices. That was the unmistakable lesson of the rapid ascension in recent polls of Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, the latest in a line of Republican flavors of the month. A New York Times/CBS News poll last week found that none of the Republican candidates — not even the suddenly hot Mr. Huckabee — was viewed favorably by even half of Republican voters.

The Washington Post covers the new Romney ads portraying Mike Huckabee as a Bill Clinton clone. If only.

UPDATE: Newsweek looks into the Boy Scout camp episode in which the governor's son David was fired as a counselor over mistreatment of a dog that wandered onto the scout reservation. The news is less about the dog incident, more about how former State Police director John Bailey says it contributed to his firing by the governor. Bailey says so. Former FBI man I.C. Smith says so. Huckabee, his chief of staff and Huckabee's lawyer don't deny talking to Bailey, they only dispute that it had anything to do with his dismissal. Kind of like how Huckabee told the state Parole Board that Wayne Dumond was a victim of a terrible injustice, but the governor insists he never lobbied the parole board to free him.

For the record: Bailey also stood firm -- though it's not mentioned in this account -- against spending state money in any fashion on the governor's private Lake Greeson property, where troopers had to provide security. 

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