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Huckabee's big announcement



Mike Huckabee is atwitter because a big-name Repub, Ed Rollins, will be his national campaign chairman. He chaired the 1984 Reagan campaign. Was Rollins the genius or Reagan?

Rollins is also the dirtbag who bragged to Time magazine that he'd paid black ministers and Democratic campaign workers to suppress the black vote in Christine Whitman's run for New Jersey governor in 1993. He kind of recanted after calls for investigations were issued.

Rollins presumably is expected to be the ticket to improved fund-raising for the Huckabee campaign. Here's a bit more background.

MEANWHILE: On the Huckabee record beat, Joe Conason vividly replays Huckabee's initial decision to help a preacher pal in the release of a monstrous killer.


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