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ILL-GOTTEN GAINS: Now the New York Times (though still not the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) has gotten into Mike Huckabee's secretive money scam, Action America, which depended in heavy measure on tobacco money. Former aide J.J. Vigneault continues to give ammunition to anti-Huck positions. Jay Bradford emerges as a second to the notion that Huckabee was owned for a time by tobacco interests. R.J. Reynolds confirms its contribution to the cause of keeping Huckabee in the manner to which he'd like to be accustomed. Nailed, suckah.

ANOTHER BIT OF HUCKING AND JIVING: Thanks to a valuable tipster in Arkansas's collegiate community, I was given information on this yesterday. Figuring that Mike Huckabee would never answer a question from me, I passed it along to a  national reporter. Simple, really. Huckabee has claimed he's the only candidate in the race with a "theology degree." Does a B.A. in religion from OBU, and a dropout from seminary, constitute a theology degree? Not according to my expert, who's from a church-based college. Well, guess what? He got asked about this in New Hampshire today. The Christian Broadcasting Network isn't too impressed by his answer.

Well, it turns out that technically, Mike Huckabee doesn't have a theology degree. He was asked about that at a news conference in New Hampshire today.

Read his response below.

"I have a bachelor of arts in religion and a minor in communications in my undergraduate work. And then I have 46 hours on a master's degree at Southwestern Theology Seminary. So, my degree as a theological degree is at the college level and then 46 hours toward a masters -- three years of study of New Testament Greek, and then the rest of it, all in Seminary was theological studies, but my degree was actually in religion."

I think it's a hard sell to say Mike Huckabee PURPOSELY lied. He clearly overstated it but it's not like his education credentials aren't public knowledge so it would be simply stupid to lie when the record is out there. Huckabee seems smarter than that. Having said that, Huckabee's pull is the fact that people see him as genuine.

Stories like this hurt that image.

Thanks, source. I'd appreciate your comment here about the expressions by Huckabee on religious issues that made him sound very un-theological to you. Oh, but please read to the end of CBN's account. They figure this will help Huckabee in Iowa. It will be seen as another attack on the chosen one by the evangelicals who control the outcome there.

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